Mapping salt

I’ve started to write up and whilst doing this I’ve been making a series of maps in the studio which range in scale from a market to a city to a region, and describe the journeys I’ve made in search of salt.


The first map describes the journey through Portugal to salinas.







imageThe second map is a journey around Lisbon, carrying the salt  and saltwater between locations.









The third map is a map of Brixton market reimagined as a salt pans, surrounded by water. It records where I’ve found saltfish for sale in the market. I like the idea of turning Atlantic road back into the Atlantic Ocean.


then I began to play with adding salt to maps, and working with the material qualities of the salt as a drawing material. The salt becomes alchemical, the map distorted and the surface crystallises with tiny  grains of salt.

























(All images and artworks copyright Katy Beinart)

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